Carbeile Junior School


At Carbeile we firmly believe that children should be able to remember key pieces of knowledge or key skills in every topic taught.  To that end, we have introduced KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) to develop children’s long term memory.  These are written by the children as they come to an important fact or skill within their topic and then compiled by the classteacher at the end of the topic.  These are then sent home for parents to see and sent up to the teachers in the next year group so that these KIRFs can be constantly revisited.  Have a look at some of the KIRFs from the first topics from this year.  There is also a set of KIRFs for each maths half term.

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Year 3

year-3-download Year 3 – How Does It Work


year-3-download Year 3 – Maths Autumn 1


year-3-download Year 3 – Maths Autumn 2


year-3-download Year 3 – Maths Spring 1


Year 4

year-4-download Year 4 Topic Autumn Term 1 – Where Does My Food Go?


year-4-downloadYear 4 Maths Autumn 1


year-4-downloadYear 4 Topic Autumn Term 2 – How Do You Train a Dragon?


year-4-download Year 4 Maths Autumn 2


Year 4 Topic Spring Term 1 – How Has Electricity Changed the World?year-4-download


year-4-download Year 4 Maths Spring 1



Year 4 Topic Summer Terms 1 + 2 – Why is the Amazon so amazing?



Year 4 Maths Summer 1



Year 4 Maths Summer 2


Year 5


Space KIRFs (Autumn 1)


year-5-downloadAncient Greeks KIRFs (Autumn 2)


year-5-downloadPoles Apart KIRFs (Spring 1)


Year 5 – The Great Fire of London (Spring 2)



Our Living Planet KIRFs


year-5-download Maths KIRFs Autumn 1



Maths KIRFs Autumn 2



Maths KIRFs Spring 1



Maths KIRFs Spring 2

Year 6

year-6-download Year 6 – Natural Disasters


year-6-download Year 6 – Evolution


year-6-download Year 6 – Egyptians


year-6-download     Year 6 – World War 2


year-6-download    Year 6 – A Time to Shine


year-6-downloadYear 6 – Maths Autumn 1


year-6-download Year 6 – Maths Autumn 2


year-6-download Year 6 – Maths Spring and Summer