Carbeile Junior School

Pastoral Care

At Carbeile Junior School the social and emotional development of our children is a key priority and we are proud to be a THRIVE School.

We believe that every child needs to feel that they belong, that they matter and that they are valued for their unique qualities. Like all of us at some point in our lives, children face challenges that knock them off course. What is then needed is understanding and support to get them back on track. At Carbeile Junior School we work hard to support the children through these difficult times, using art, music and play based activities.

Assessments are used to provide personalised programmes for classes, groups and individuals.

Every child is supported in their social and emotional development which is embedded in all that we do.

Class assessments identify needs of specific classes. However some children may benefit from individual support. For some there may be an obvious reason why they need this extra help. This might be bereavement, family breakdown, anger management or an identified condition such as Autism and/or ADHD.

At Carbeile Junior School all staff are trained to provide social and emotional support for pupils. We are also very fortunate to have a dedicated Pastoral Team. Juliet Evans, our SENCO, leads the Pastoral Team. Cheryl Rooney is our Thrive Lead, Louise Battersby our Thrive support and Tina Westlake is our Autism Champion. All members of the team are committed to providing support for pupils with social and emotional needs.

The Thrive Practitioners work in the ‘Shine Room’, which has been especially designed to create a safe, calm and relaxing environment.

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Have a look at the Kindness Pack below for some ideas on how to spread some kindness.

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