Carbeile Junior School


At Carbeile Junior School, the health, safety and well-being of every child is our paramount concern. We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us. Our aim is that children will enjoy their time as pupils in this school. We want to work in partnership with you to help your child to achieve their full potential and make a positive contribution. We believe that every child should be valued, safe and happy. Carbeile Junior School promotes a culture of health, safety and well being. We are committed to inspiring, challenging and safeguarding all children and young people.

Safeguarding is considered everyone’s responsibility and as such our school aims to create the safest environment within which every pupil has the opportunity to achieve. Our school recognises the contribution it can make in ensuring that all registered pupils or those who use our school feel that they will be listened to and appropriate action taken. We will do this by working in partnership with other agencies and seeking to establish effective working relationships with parents, carers and other colleagues to develop and provide activities and opportunities throughout our curriculum that will help to equip our children with the skills they need. This will include materials and learning experiences that will encourage our children to develop essential life skills and protective behaviours.

To promote a safe environment for pupils, our selection and recruitment policy includes all checks on staff and regular volunteers’ suitability, including Vetting and Barring Checks, as recommended by Cornwall Council in accordance with current legislation.

In accordance with our responsibilities under section 175 {Section 157 for Independent Schools and Academies} of the Education Act 2002, we have a Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Hamlyn, the head teacher who has received appropriate training for this role.  It is his responsibility to ensure that all staff in contact with children receive child protection awareness training on a regular basis.

On rare occasions our concern about a child may mean that we have to consult other agencies.  Unless it is not safe for a child, we would always aim to achieve this with a parent’s consent.  The procedures, which we follow, have been laid down by the Cornwall Safeguarding Children Board, and the school has adopted a Child Protection Policy in line with this for the safety of all.

 If you want to know more about our procedures, please speak to Mr Hamlyn.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at Carbeile Junior School is:

  • Mr. P. Hamlyn – Headteacher

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) and Child in Care Lead/S.E.N lead adult is:

  • Mrs. H. Bridges

The other Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL) is:

  • Mrs. C. Sales

For further information, please see our policy below.

generic-downloadSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2023