Carbeile Junior School



For every child to accurately spell high frequency words and to understand key rules of spelling and apply them accurately in their writing.


  • Discrete spelling lessons are taught at least 4 times per week.
  • Children participate in exciting, fun spelling games and activities.
  • Children have time to explore words in order to find spelling rules, patterns and exceptions.
  • Children have regular opportunities to use their age appropriate spelling words when writing independently.
  • Children respond regularly to marking that has identified errors for them to correct and practise.


In 2023, 70% of Y6 pupils achieved ‘Expected Standard’ for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and 31% of Y6 pupils achieved Above Expected Standard (End of KS2 SATs).

At Carbeile, we use the Spelling Shed resources to help children to learn and recall a range of age appropriate spellings. All pupils at Carbeile have four fun spelling lessons every week.

On Mondays, pupils are introduced to a set of new words. Children discuss and share the meanings of these words and sometimes their origins. On Tuesdays, pupils count the syllables in each of their spelling words. Children also use dots and dashes to identify the phonemes and the corresponding graphemes. Dots show where one letters makes that sound and dashes show where two, three or even four letters (diagraphs, trigraphs and quadgraphs) make one sound. On Thursdays, pupils practise their spellings in a variety of exciting ways such as playing dice games, making up silly stories or sentences with their spelling words in or playing Hangman. Examples of these types of activity are on the link below, labelled ‘Spelling Games at Carbeile.’ On Fridays, pupils are given low stake spelling quizzes.

A paper copy of the spellings are sent home on Monday so you can practise at home too! Children are also asked to log onto Spelling Shed each week to practise their weekly through a range of online games. This forms part of their home learning.

The National Curriculum set out a list of words that each year group or key stage phase should know how to spell. These are available below:

generic-downloadYear 1 Spelling List

generic-downloadYear 2 Spelling List

generic-downloadYear 3 and Year 4 Spelling List

generic-downloadYear 5 and Year 6 Spelling List

generic-downloadSpelling games at Carbeile


generic-download Carbeile SPaG parent workshop