Carbeile Junior School

Design and Technology


To engage, inspire and challenge children, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to solve problems, innovate and invent products. They do this in a process that allows them to develop new practical skills and effectively use a range of technology to create high-quality outcomes.


  • All lessons are planned using skills progressions so that knowledge is taught horizontally across the year group, skills are progressed vertically across the key stage, resulting in diagonal learning.
  • We cover a range of product design areas – including food technology, textiles, robotics and resistant materials.
  • We design for a purpose, using research to examine existing products.
  • We encourage the children to take risks in their designs, we let their choices and innovation lead the design process.
  • We design in different ways, using CAD, cross-curricular art links and our STEAM LEGO WeDo equipment.
  • We evaluate our designs critically, we always look for potential improvements and next-steps.
  • We use our ‘total recall’ time at the start of topic and Design and Technology lessons to develop the children’s long-term memory on specific Design KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts). 


Children will develop their skills, creative thinking and knowledge over the four years. Our Design and Technology curriculum will develop the practical skills of the children, preparing them for later life. Our use of innovative technology opens doors for our children to a high-tech future.

We deepen the children’s understanding of how design affects our world. We champion innovation and nurture the children’s creative solutions to the future’s design questions.

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How are Design and Technology  lessons taught at Carbeile?
We often link our lessons to the topic that we are covering. In each year group, we cover a range of products and materials and develop the children’s practical skills through the years. We are bold in our design lessons, our teachers allow children to be creative and use the children’s designs to inspire the manufacturing process.

Speaking and Listening
Speaking and listening is incredibly important in Design and Technology. Our children work collaboratively in the design process and create products as a team.

Design and Technology sits at the heart of our STEAM program.


Home Learning
There could be an element of Design and Technology within your child’s topic home learning tasks, which are set every half term.

Depending on the topic, children will have Key Instant Recall Facts based around the technological and practical skills of the project.

The Design and Technology Co-ordinator
Jenna Worth is the Design and Technology Co-ordinator and leads the school’s Design and Technology curriculum.


Carbeile Design and Technology Skills Progression.

generic-download Design and Technology Policy