Carbeile Junior School



Year 5 children at Carbeile Junior School swim every Thursday morning between 11.00-11.30am and 11.30am-12.00pm from after the February half term through until July at HMS Raleigh.  Year 6 also have a shorter swimming program in the summer term.  The minimum aim is for all children to leave the school being able to swim 25m in a recognised stroke, although many children go on to achieve much higher standards.  Each year we have achieved a success rate of around 90% of children reaching the 25m standard – some years being over 95%!

Swimming is statutory in Year 5 and 6 therefore lessons are compulsory to attend.  As with any curriculum lesson children are expected to swim in their allotted time.

Children should wear a tight fitting swimming costume for lessons and galas.  For girls it should be a one piece costume with boys wearing trunks or tight shorts.  Baggy shorts are not good for allowing children to learn to swim as they can restrict movement and cause air pockets.  Goggles are recommended for all abilities of children.

At the end of the year we hold a swimming gala that includes all children from the year group, where races are organised to earn points for the children’s house teams and then the school trophy awarded.  This is a great opportunity for some of our strongest swimmers to experience competitive races in a friendly and relaxed environment.

If any mums or dads would like to help with the adult supervision on the buses and walking to and from swimming we would be very grateful.