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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural

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At Carbeile Junior School we recognise that a child’s personal development plays an important role in their ability to learn and achieve. As such, we aim to provide opportunities that enable children to explore and develop Spiritually, Morally, Socially and Culturally (SMSC).

How are SMSC lessons taught at Carbeile?
We run SMSC days, which focus on one of the elements of SMSC: Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural. We collapse the timetable for one day each term to explore, discuss and reflect upon aspects of each of our focus day.

Speaking and Listening
In SMSC, links to speaking and listening are extremely strong as all areas of SMSC will include an area for discussion. All ideas are valued and we encourage the children to question and challenge their peers on their ideas respectfully.

SMSC is incorporated into our daily life and linked to many aspects of our curriculum. We will come across SMSC related conversations without realising it! We can find SMSC in every area of school and the wider world. At Carbeile we run clubs, such as ‘Mindful Colouring’, which help us regulate emotions and chill out after a hectic school day. We also share and read books which expose and enrich our children’s lives by exposing them to different cultures.


Home Learning
There could be an element of SMSC within your child’s topic home learning tasks, which are set every half term.

Key Questions to ask you children:
What does SMSC stand for?
What are the British Values?

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