Carbeile Junior School

Gifted and Talented – Renewable Energy Workshop

Fantastic workshops yesterday morning by Camp Kernow highlighting the importance of renewable energy. Our gifted and talented children had the opportunity to make their own wind turbines and hydroelectric power-units! Big thank you to Charlie and Claire from all the children at Carbeile who took part; everyone involved learnt so much whilst having so much fun.

“Today has been incredible and interactive! We have learnt all about our environment and the impact we make everyday. If everyone carries on using fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources then our whole world will suffer and the next generation of children will not be able to enjoy it as much as we have but today we have learnt many different ways to help our planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Some of these things include: wind turbines and machines, that have currently not been fully unveiled to the public yet – something that can create electricity from the power of waves” – Molly Gilbey.

“We have learnt all about how different things pollute the Earth, contributing to global warming, and some of the things that can help to reduce carbon dioxide and how we can help collaboratively” – Daisy Huxtable.