How well do we promote a love of reading?


Carbeile Junior School has rigourous systems in place to ensure that we have outstanding promotion of a ‘Love of Reading’ throughout the school.

  • Outstanding support given from all members of the School Leadership Team (SLT) who have prioritised a ‘love of reading’, ensuring that children are read to daily and that story times are engaging.
  • A superb library, including elevated Reading Pods, Bean Bag boxes and comfy chairs, all decorated with an ‘Under the Sea’ theme, as chosen by the School Council. The children absolutely love visiting the library!
  • Library visits are timetabled so that all classes have the opportunity to visit and enjoy our amazing library.
  • Pupil Conferencing indicates that our pupils love visiting the library and are pleased with the range of books available (fiction and non-fiction).
  • We have stocked up on books from current popular authors.
  • Every classroom has a well-organised, comfortable Reading Corner.
  • Classroom Reading monitors keep this area tidy and organised!
  • We are actively seeking to add new, exciting books to our Book Corners, when we can. Our children are so excited when new titles are bought- they cannot wait to be the first to read them!
  • Class teachers read a novel or non-fiction book daily. Teachers choose texts either that they know the children will love or that link to the class topic.
  • Books that have been enjoyed are displayed on the outside of classroom doors. This creates interest from the children in other classes.
  • There are many reward systems in place that recognise children who love reading at school and at home…
  • These include, the Class Reading Challenge (highly competitive!), Reading raffle tickets, Year 6 pupils rewarded with extra play and classroom certificates.
  • Parents and carers are supported to read with their children at home. A special newsletter has been recently e mailed to all parents, full of useful ideas, guidance and advice.
  • A positive, friendly reminder note is sent home to parents who have not signed a pupil’s Reading Record.
  • Termly reports show how often children have been reading at home.
  • World Book Day is always celebrated with a range of fun, engaging activities – one of the best days of the school year!
  • Visits from a professional storyteller and author.
  • Sharing books that are brought in with the ‘Book Fayre’.
  • Drop Everything and Read!
  • Reading display opposite the library filled with 100 books that everyone should read whilst at Carbeile.