How well do we prioritise reading across Carbeile?


Reading is THE top priority at Carbeile Junior School. We understand that Reading is the most important skill to have beyond key stage 2 and into adult life. Here are some of the things that we are doing in school to prioritise Reading …

  • Carbeile’s SLT (Senior Leadership Team) has clearly communicated this priority to the school commnunity. The vital importance of Reading has been shared with staff and governors via INSET and meetings.
  • The priority and importance of Reading has been shared with parents through newsletters and a Parent Champion workshop.
  • All aspects of Reading at Carbeile are clearly signposted on our school website (from our Intent, Implementation and Impact statements to our plans for Reading and ideas for how parents can help at home)
  • The English Subject Leader (Mr Nicholson) is allocated regular classroom-release time to monitor and develop Reading.
  • The Subject Leader has a separate folder for Reading, showing how it stands alone as a priority subject.
  • The SLT and Board of Governors regularly discuss Reading at Governor meetings.
  • One of most experienced governors – Steve Corbidge – has been designated the role of Reading Governor. He visits the school regularly to observe Reading Skills lessons and read with children from all year groups.
  • We have timetabled 4 stand-alone Reading Skills lessons every week.
  • Each child has their own Reading Skills book.
  • Carbeile has an amazing library, which is a fantastic environment for children to enjoy Reading. It is the first thing you see when you enter the school through reception.
  • A variety of intervention groups, strategies and targeting is in place to give those pupils who struggle with reading the very best opportunity of ‘catching up’ with their peers.


Click on the link below to hear some authors read from their own books!

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