How well do we check that pupils’ reading books match the sounds that they can read?


At Carbeile, we understand the importance of pupils reading books that are at the correct level. We have taken the following steps, in order to ensure that all our pupils are reading a suitable text…

  • The Cliff Moon classification scheme for books has been disbanded (it was out-of-date and we had no way of matching newly purchased books to the scheme)
  • All classroom book corners have been re-organised and books re-labelled using a new, accurate system….
  • New, easy-to-follow, sticker colours (black-grey-white-red-orange-yellow-green-light blue-dark blue-pink)
  • These books bands have been communicated and explained to parents and carers.
  • Books are grouped into colours in the Reading Corners.
  • A poster, showing this new system, is in place in all book corners.

Teachers use a variety of assessment tools in order to check that reading books match well.

  • PIRA tests taken each term.
  • Regular 1-1 reading with children and listening to children in Reading Skills lessons.
  • Parents encouraged to read at home and comment in the Reading Record.
  • Toe by Toe Reading Age tests taken when needed.


  • Pupils who find reading difficult are allocated a Code-X book.
  • Regular book reading and checking from the school SLT.
  • Focussed reading with Pupil Premium children and children who do not read at home.
  • Bug Club subscription. Children allocated suitable books that they can read online.
  • ‘Year- group levelled’ Bug Club books that are used in Reading Skills lessons.
  • Code X groups taught by trained teaching assistants for some children who struggle with Reading.