Carbeile Junior School


At Carbeile Junior School we are committed to all children reaching their full potential. We therefore recognise the importance of meeting the needs of our more able, gifted and talented pupils.

The needs of our more able, gifted and talented children are primarily met through quality first teaching in the classroom, which provides pupil with:-

  • Lessons that are differentiated 4 ways so that children can access more complex learning with the ‘Gold’ activity or the challenge.
  • Opportunities to work in different subject areas at greater depth with challenging activities.
  • Higher order questions which encourage higher order thinking.
  • Opportunities to create exemplars as a model for other children.
  • Specific targets that clarify next steps.
  • Occasions when they can embed their understanding by teaching concepts to others.
  • Problem solving activities, particularly in maths.

Other opportunities, encouraging the skills of the more able, gifted and talented are:-

  • Competitions within school or with other schools.
  • Awards for achievements in different subject areas.
  • Performances in Celebration assemblies, Christmas Plays etc, where pupils have the opportunity to showcase their talents.
  • Specific Clubs where pupils have further opportunities to develop their special skills.

We also plan exciting termly experiences for our different groups to celebrate ability and extend learning.

Recently we have held a very successfully ‘Buggy Day’, enjoyed by all.