Year 4

Year 4 Fizz Pop Science (January 2022)

What a brilliant morning of electrical science we have had with Fizz Pop Science! We really enjoyed our activities including sorting conductors and insulators and exploring electrical circuits. We even had a go on the Van der Graaf! Thank you Astro Alice!

Science Sound Investigation (December 2021)

This morning in science, we carried out an investigation to identify the best material to muffle sounds. We used data loggers to record the decibels and plotted our results in a bar chart.  

Topic Launch (Part 2): Vikings! (November 2021)

Our topic launch continued with Year 4 Viking Day! We had a Viking visitor in school to share his traditional Viking stories and his amazing artefacts. We also had our very own Viking battle!  

Topic Launch (Part 1): Anglo-Saxons! (November 2021)

This week, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. As part of our first launch activity, we designed and painted our own Anglo-Saxons shields. We also wrote our own secret messages using Anglo-Saxon Runes!  

Fruit Smoothies (October 2021)

In Design and Technology, we planned, created, tasted and evaluated our own amazing smoothies. They were delicious! Check out our super smoothie pictures below…

Where does our food go? (September 2021)

Check out our photos of our practical digestive system! We watched how crackers and a banana travels from our mouth, to our stomach, to our small intestines and finally our large intestines.       

Terrific Teeth (September 2021)

Over the period of a week, we observed the effect of cola, orange juice and water on egg shells. We then made links to our Science learning to understand how to look after our teeth.

Topic Launch: Clay Teeth! (September 2021)

As part of our topic launch, we created our clay teeth! We painted and colour co-ordinated each tooth to show whether it was an incisor, canine, premolar, molar or wisdom tooth.

Year 4 Festival morning (July 2021)

Year 4 had an AMAZING morning! We started with a range of outdoor games and activities and enjoyed a refreshing ice cream. We also had our own water fight and slip + slide. Check out our awesome pictures below…  

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