Year 3

Trewortha- Coasts Topic Launch Day!

We have started the second part of our topic ‘Our Changing World’ and we are now looking at Coasts in the UK. We launched the topic with a range of different activities. Making Waves We created our own beaches in trays! To create the waves, we used a bottled to push down on the water. […]

Bearah’s Coast Topic Launch Day

As part of our ‘Changing World’ topic, we are looking at coasts and how they are changing through erosion this half term. For our first day back, we participated in some fun but educational activities about coasts. We used paper maps and google maps to find coasts and beaches around the United Kingdom, we created […]

Tregarrick Steam Week Fun!

It’s Steam Week this week and we have been having great fun. Today we learnt about Non-Newtonian liquids. These are substances that aren’t a liquid or a solid because they can be both! By mixing cornflour with water you create ‘oobleck’. What happens is that when you apply pressure to the the substance when it’s […]

Tregarrick Class on their Rock Walk

Tregarrick Class had great fun today taking a walk around the lovely Torpoint looking at rocks. We wanted to research the types of rock that are used the most frequently in buildings and walls. Slate is used because this is a rock we find a lot of in Cornwall. This is us on the walk […]

Mission to Mars! (May 2021)

We received an incredible email from the UK Space Agency on Monday, kick-starting a whole-school STEAM Week of investigation and learning about space! They asked for our help finding out, ‘could we travel to Mars?!’ Check out the email and some photos of our pupils investigating a ‘Mystery Martian Mucus’, training like astronauts and learning […]

Bearah STEAM Day

Bearah had a STEAM day today! We used our innovation and problem solving skills to build some amazing creations. Using the Lego WeDo app, we first built complex models following an algorithm and then programmed them using blocks of code. This made our bees fly around and our models move along! We had great fun […]

Tregarrick Steam Day 2

This was our second time to use the Lego WeDo to design and make amazing Lego models that can solve problems. It linked to the different topics we have been doing in Science and Geography. It was a great day!  

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