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For every child to read words accurately, to comprehend texts and to have a love of reading.  Children should be able to discuss, share and explore different texts and have a reading fluency that enables them to access the full curriculum offer and succeed in the future.


  • Reading Skills lessons taught 4 times per week that use the Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise/Sequence model (VIPERS) for different areas of reading.
  • Children explore high-quality books in order to develop vocabulary and discuss word meanings.
  • Children read a range of fiction and non-fiction books at home and in school.
  • Children not at expected standard identified for inclusion in reading interventions (Phonics and Project X Code).
  • Bug Club texts used to teach and for home learning activities.
  • Monitoring high expectations of home reading (at least 3 times per week).


In 2019, 84% of Y6 pupils achieved ‘Expected Standard’ for Reading and 32% of Y6 pupils achieved Above Expected Standard for Reading (End of KS2 SATs).

To learn more about Reading at Carbeile, go to our About Reading page,


At Carbeile Junior School we want our pupils to:

  • Decode words and text confidently
  • Have good inference and deduction skills
  • Analyse text
  • Develop transferable skills
  • Be inquisitive about text
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic about reading
  • Perform texts
  • Be fluent and expressive readers
  • Verbalise thoughts and ideas
  • Enjoy reading
  • Develop personal choice or preferences for genres and authors
  • Be resourceful by using dictionaries and phonetic knowledge
  • Persuade others to read a book
  • Critique and provide evidence
  • Identify patterns between authors and genres
  • Discuss books
  • Challenge the opinions of others
  • Empathise
  • Have an experimental approach to text

Therefore, we teach reading by:

  • Deepening an understanding of texts
  • Encouraging discussion about texts
  • Analysing and exploring texts through generating and answering questions
  • Giving exposure to a variety of genre
  • Developing a variety of reading skills which enable pupils to achieve their potential
  • Modelling being an interested, excited reader who has a love for reading
  • Whole class teaching
  • Modelling answers to questions
  • Providing opportunity for pupils to read collaboratively and independently

This is because:

  • All pupils need a good understanding of what they read
  • Pupils need to be inquisitive about texts
  • Pupils need to see exemplar answers
  • All pupils reading ability needs to be assessed
  • Reading is a key skill for life
  • Children need to read for enjoyment

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100 Book Challenge

At Carbeile, we have set the children a challenge to read as many books as they can from the ‘100 Book Challenge’ display in the library.  If you would like to help your children with this, the blurbs for all of the books are below, these might help you choose a great book to read next.  There are also a lot of books that parents will enjoy…so give some of them a try.

generic-download100 Book Challenge Blurbs

Our School Library

On Tuesday 27th February at 2.30pm, our school library was officially opened.  After consulting the school council, we commissioned a local carpenter, Clive Shorten, to make our ‘Reading Pods’  and cubby holes with bean bags to ensure a comfortable reading space for the children.  The children chose a woodland theme, which runs throughout the library.  This has since been updated to ‘Underwater’.

For the opening,, Kate Jane Neal, a local Cornish (published) author attended the school for the day to run workshops with the children with her book ‘Words and Your Heart’ as the theme for the day.  All 15 classes in the schoolworked on the bullying theme all day and even attempted some illustrations in Kate’s very striking style.  There was a red, black and white dress code for the day, in keeping with Kate’s wonderful style in her book.

Parents were then invited in to share in a reading of the book and enjoy some home made heart biscuits with their children at the end of the day.

The library has been a huge project for the school, with local establishments donating time and money to help make it a reality.  That, and the hard work of the teachers and TAs and governors during the holiday has created a space that we are all thrilled with and one which has made a huge impact on all of our pupils in terms of their love of reading and also some of our more vulnerable pupils, offering a calm space to retire to.


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